Sunday, June 21, 2009

June 17,2009
It is impossible to follow the creek as it is in a narrow deep gorge cutting through granite so I contiue on by climbing and scrambling up through the granite faces alternated with small grassy sage and timbered alcoves tucked between rock faces. Wildflowers are everywhere and I stop to get a few pictures of them including these Cinquifoil. As I am kneeling for the picture I feel something brush up against my knee. Startled I jump back to find a pretty large Garter Snake who is more afraid of me than I of him. I don't know how I kept from stepping on the poor little guy but he is O K and fast into a crack in the rock. I can see him easy and lightly poke him to see if he will go on through and become famous with a Gary Keimig photograph. He wants nothing of it and slips deeper into the crevass.

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