Tuesday, June 2, 2009

May 28, 2009 [5]
We come to the edge of the ridge that drops off into Torrey Creek winding its way snake like down the valley towards the three glacial lakes. It is easy to see and visualize the effects of glatiation in this valley. Classic U shape valley and the ridge running off Arrow Mountain is a lateral moraine twisting its way to the east then north and finally west as though a huge bulldozer had plowed through leaving its giant wake on the side. Boulder are strewn all the way to Dubois where the ice left them upon melting. The road below serves several ranches including Ring Lake Ranch, an Ecumenical Retreat Center and Trail Lake seen here near the center of the picture run by the University of Wyoming as a nature education Center. It was used for many years by the National Audubon Society and known as Audubon of the West. The road finally ends at the Glacier Trailhead that offers tremendous hiking and trail riding opportunities and is the access into the Glacier country.

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