Tuesday, June 2, 2009

May 28, 2009 [1]
Yesterday June started out without a cloud in the sky but by noon it had clouded up and rain began falling. By this morning we had an inch of rain recorded and is still raining. The river is now in full flood and it is a little nervous looking out my living room window with the river up onto my yard.[see my G Keimig art blog]The weather bureau is now counting it in the top 10 for flooding runoff since records have been kept.
The day certainly is different than last thursday morning when my artist friend, Les Lefevre and I left town at 6 in the morning to drive up onto Sheep Ridge, a spur off to the east flank of Whiskey Mountain just south of Dubois. I have to do this trip at least once a year. The sky is a deep blue and a light beautiful early morning haze engulfs the mountains in the distance. The wind is dead calm. A real rarity in this part of the country and in particular at this elevation on the ridge. It is slow gong in 4-wheel drive as we inch our way up the steep road. It doesn't seem that steep going up but is fun to watch first timers putting their hands against the dashboard on the way back down to keep from falling into it. That is when they reach fore their seatbelts. As we climb we do jump up several lone cow elk along the way who don't stay around to pay their respects. The Ramshorn Peak to the north is as beautiful as it gets.

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