Wednesday, June 10, 2009

[7]June 9, 2009
This is the remains of a sheep trap. A built up ramp served as a means of the sheep being driven onto a hole filled with logs and sticks serving as a kind of flooring that the sheep would fall through suspending them and making them unable to escape while the indains could kill them with ease. A fence like structure of logs and rocks would be built out in the open and the sheep would be run into and too late find themselves running into an ever narrowing constriction and finally into the trap itself.
We search around for arrowheads or spear points to no avail but notice that strange odor best described as a cross between something dead and a wet dog which I years ago found to be a bear nearby. It is pretty strong in the swirling breeze and coming from either the rocks above or from the timber filled gully just to our left. Exactly where we had intended on going. We change our mind easily and don't mind at all backtracking our way back off the hillside some distance befor continuing on westward. I'm sure being this time of day that Mr Grizzly is sleeping pretty close by.

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