Monday, May 11, 2009

[1]May 9, 2009
It is the day befor Mothers Day and being as how I have to work the gallery tomorrow my wife and I decide this would be a good day to go on over Togwotee Pass into Jackson Hole. I have been told by several friends that a 3 year old grizzly has been seen continuously in the Oxbow Bend area.
So off we go packing sandwiches of buffalo-Elk meatloaf left over from the other day, my Sol-Tec easle, paints and canvas. And of course my camera and lenses.
As we bottom out off of Togwotee we stop to watch quite a few horses on the Lucas Ranch, all partaking of their grocery quota for the day. There are well over 100 horses and mules in this herd. They must be boarded here by outfitters who use them for the summer. At any rate they will be subject material for my paintings


  1. It's taken me so long to stop by and check out your blog after your kind comment on mine. You are an amazing artist and I am so pleased you found me and that enjoy my little piece of the world. I certainly enjoy yours. I was blessed to spend a couple of years living in Colorado and ventered up to Wyoming once. I miss the mountains. Pikes Peak was such a guiding and powerful force for me while living in Colorado Springs. I can still close my eyes and see the snow perched up there or the clouds rolling over. Gosh, or visits to Garden of the Gods. Have you been there?

    Thanks for reminding me how much I miss those great Rockie Mountains. I even miss the cold. I really do.

    Thanks for your visit.

  2. Yes, Kim I have been there. A very lovely area too. Just too many people. I have had several shows over the years in Colorado Springs. Even lived in boulder after college working through the University of Colorado doing highschool biology textbook illustrations