Saturday, May 23, 2009

May 18, 2009[1]
I made an early morning trip up Horse Creek north of Dubois about a week ago. My first trip of this year as it was pretty well snowed in up until now. After a pretty cool spring I was surprised to find as much snow had melted as what had. It had snowed a skiff overnight and the stream and ponds were still pretty well iced over yet. Snow squalls continued to obliterat the mountains all morning. Pretty hard to get many pictures except for some pretty good shots of Mule Deer and Elk. I had heard there had been a grizzly hanging out south of the Horse Creek campground and I just had to see. Later I was told that it was only coming out in the afternoon. I think grizzlies come out when grizzlies want to come out.
This morning I am up at first light, my favorite time of the day and by the time the sun is catching the top of the Ramshorn I am off the paved road and onto the gravel.


  1. what a lovely blog you have here !

  2. I am so enjoying your photos of places that I have never been. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

  3. thank you all. Hope you will come back often to visit. The adventures continue