Monday, May 11, 2009

[6]May9, 2009
We spent some time walking around the town of Jackson hopeing to check out the new art work in the galleries but most of them are still closed for the season or doing some refurbishing.
Then it is off to Bubbas for Mothers Day Dinner.{Barbeque}fill up with gas[it is 30 cents cheaper here than in Dubois]then it is off towards home and enjoying the Tetons as the sun sets and gives us natures light show for the evening. Elk and Buffalo are everywhere the whole length of the 40 mile long valley. I am guessing we see over 3,000 head of Elk alone all drifting north following the retreating snow line towards the Teton wilderness, Yellowstone, and the mountain ranges in between. It is quite a sight and not witnessed by many. Over 7,000 elk winter in or near to the National Elk refuge just to the north of Jackson so this is not quite half of that herd we are seeing. The colors of the sun slowly setting behind the Tetons make it even more memorable.

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