Saturday, May 23, 2009

May 18, 2009[4]
As I make my way along I watch a number of elk scattered across "Winchester meadows and the mountainsides. It won't be long when it will be a treat to even see one as they will be following the snow melt higher and higher into the mountains.
I turn off the gravel? road onto a 2-track road thinking I might still catch a glimpse of the grizzly that I have been hearing about. The road traverses through the timber and befor it breaks out onto a meadow beyond I catch sight of more elk. I found the same thing last week when I drove down this same road. They have seen me and befor I get out of the timber they are off . Unlike last week though these three stop for one last look and I get off several pictures. Last week they dissapeared befor I even got to my camera.

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  1. So many people can only dream about living in an area like yours. Wonder how God chooses who gets to live in such beauty, abounding with His wonderful wildlife.
    I am an age 70 woman and came close to it as a child at my Aunt Jo's farm in the wilds of northern Wisconsin. I dream of that place now. It has two woodland lakes on the land. Now owned by Chicago people, and developer's of homes on the lake.
    Good health and great times enjoying your paradise.

    Elaine Schneider
    Racine, WI