Monday, May 11, 2009

[9]May9, 2009
The sun has set and the day is slipping towards night when I turn off a favorite road of mine that overlooks the Buffalo River valley where it empties into the Snake River. We are immediately in the middle of another herd of elk and they are not sure of what to make of us. They don't really seem spooked and only trot a short distance and watch as we get out of the truck. They seem really curious and a bit perplexed at me when I kneel down to take this picture of Springs first flower, Spring Beauties. These litle flowers spread across the ground like a low growing mat and along with a few fragile yellow buttercups are a sign that there might just yet be a spring. The indians were quick to take advantage of this plant and dug their roots for a snack which tastes a bit like a radish. Those crazy elk seem not the least bit disturbed when we once again drive off within mere feet of them standing in the sagebrush.

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