Saturday, May 23, 2009

May 18, 2009[9]
On the way back to town I take a number of photos of elk including this ragged looking pair on the Winchester meadows. There is a conglomeration of corrals along the road and a cow Moose is within them down on her front knees licking away on an old salt block set out for cattle the year befor. She doesn't really pay any attention to me she is so intent on her treasure. She certainly is savoring every lick. I get a few pictures of her but within that maze of corral poles it doesn't present a very good photo.
I meet a truck coming up the road. The first indication this morning that there is human life on the planet. It almost seems disturbing to have had such a peaceful morning and then find someone else in the area. It is however that time of morning and I continue on towards home and civilization.

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