Saturday, May 23, 2009

May 18, 2009[8]
I turn off onto another 2-track road that is the access to the 5-Pockets trailhead. This is a favorite hiking area of mine if I only have a few hours to kill. Especially in the fall the scattered sage openings along with Pine and Aspen are absolutely beautiful and a delight to explore.
There are elk scattered about on every park and it seems a shame to disturb them with my presence. There are several just to the left of and through the aspens in this photo. And they have discovered me and within seconds are running across the sage covered countryside. What a magnificent scene watching them run with their heads held high in typical elk fashion. They are truely a magnificent animal.
I don't get much further on this road as there is quite a bit of snow on the road and it is wet. I could continue on but it means putting the truck into 4-wheel drive and slipping through the mud simply tearing up the road. I hate doing that.

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