Saturday, May 23, 2009

May 18, 2009[2]
It is a soft misty light that bathes the mountains in a mauve morning color. It is 19 degrees F and feels good with the truck window rolled down and the heater at level 3 running on my feet. Kathys Cofffe is still hot going down and that makes it easy to take in the crispness of the morning.


  1. These are great adventure posts! Keep posting and good luck with your bear "hunting!"

  2. There are some who would disagree with you on finding those bears. Mainly my wife and my mother.
    A young coup;le came into the gallery saturday and had seen a grizzly sow with a cub NE of town. It is in an area I have seen a lot of grizzly and wolf sign but have yet to meet up with them. With a grizzly though I think I am content to wee it from a distance. I last Watched one strolling through the Willows last fall from a distance and can tell you they are an impressive animal.