Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June 9, 2010
The Yellowstone Ecosystem is the largest nearly intact ecosystem in the temperate zones in the world and encompasses much of Northwest Wyoming, extreme Southwest Montana and extreme Southeast Idaho. It is a wonderful region of wild landscapes and its inhabitants and as vast as it seems to be is a very fragil region so susceptible to changes by human activities and threats that are always on the edge of happening. It is only by hard work and dedication by some really inspired individuals that it is what it is today. It is so easy to stand on a high point and see in a seemingly infinite distance of vast wilderness to think it would never change.
Our destination is the Lamar Valley of Northeast Yellowstone where we spend an incredible two days of watching and photographing this wonderous wild country and its wildlife and enjoying animal behavior.

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  1. Happy birthday! Gary...what a wonderful way to pass time...your photos are amazng...the rude fox is handsome.:-)