Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June9, 2010
Reluctant to end the trip we stop over at Colter Bay and as we have done befor visit the wonderful Indian Museum located there. It is a collection to die for. We then buy a rotisseried chicken at the cafeteria and take it back down to the Lake for a picnic bundled up in winter clothes . It has at least stopped raining.
I stop off at the Oxbow of the Snake and shoot a few pixs of the socked in Tetons. It is still magical and offers possibilities for paintings. We then watch a coyote trying to put a sneak onto a flock of Canada Geese and two Sand hill Cranes. Of course to no avail. Embarassed he slinks on into the willows. It is a cold wonderful evening.
On towards home we cross the continental divide at Togwotee Pass where they have had a good three inches of snow today that leaves the hiway slushy.
This weekend [June 11-13]was cold and rainey with heavy snow in the mountains. This morning it has cleared off with a heavy white coating of snow across the peaks. The sun is shining and it feels a lot warmer. Our fingers are crossed.

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