Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June 9, 2010
After breakfast we again continue to the area we were on yesterday. Slough Creek. Wolf watchers are out again with their high powered lenses and spotting scopes. No one has seen any wolves but they are watching elk and Big Horn Sheep high and so far away that I can barely make them out with my binoculars. There had been a grizzly sow with three cubs but they have dissapeared into the timber at tree line.
We need gas so head westward towards Gardner, Montana and then head south from Mammoth where we encounter another bear jam. Was a Black bear with cubs way out on the sage covered flats near Swan Lake but we are again too late to see any thing. My good friend, Merideth Taylor was by here the next day and was able to witness a Grizzly Sow with four cubs. A real rarity. She e-mailed me a video that is making the rounds of the internet world of the Bear group. It is pretty incredible to watch.
Continuing on we pass many Bison and agian many elk and another bear jam that we are again too late to see. Nearly noon the park critters are taking part in noonday snoozes. Calf Bison are flat out and the others are pretty well napping away.

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