Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June 9th is Vicki and my anniversary and both our birthdays fall within the next twelve days so to celebrate we take two days off gallery duty and head to yellowstone under a cloudy cold drizzly morning. Going over Togwotee Pass we drop down into jackson Hole where we take a few side roads to seek out the wildlife we might find there. We find and photograph a number of elk and even shoot inclement weather conditions. It is all a part of June.
By noon we are in the Hayden Valley where we have a lunch with winter jackets on though the weather shows signs of breaking. We are accompanied by three Big Bison Bulls. At one point we pull off the road while climbing Dunraven Pass and watch [surprise to us and him]a Red fox who quietly trots up the mountainside and out of sight. He is the first of two we see this trip and that is an oddity.


  1. I hope we'll be seeing paintings from this trip on Painting A Day sometime soon. Awesome!(in the old sense of the word, when it still made sense) Looks like there's still some snow falling on the mountain top... and are those barely leafed-out aspens in the foreground?

  2. yes Charlene. The aspens are just now leafing out and our river cottonwoods have only been out a little over 1 week. It is a teerribly short growing season in the high country. The last two nights here we have had snow on the mountains around town and it was 33 degrees this morning[June17]