Monday, June 7, 2010

June 6, 2010
We climb out of Horse Creek and on the divide between Horse Creek and the Wiggins Fork glass the large sage-Pine covered flats to the south picking up a few cow elk scattered about here and there. They are all browsing and it is all indicative that there are probably new born calves nearby. We barely continue on when we come upon a number of cow elk and several little ones right off the road. There is not much time to grab a picture befor they are off followed closely by those young ones. These calves are no more than a week old and can all ready stay pretty close to mom in times of danger. This is also the time when Grizzlies are looking for them for a feast and a few of them will not make it through June. Wolves, Coyotes, Cougars and the elements are also enemies they will have to survive to be able to make it.

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