Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June 9, 2010
We spend the rest of the afternoon and evening in the Lamar valley watching and photographing hundreds of Elk, Bison and various other critters from close and afar. Watching at one point a coyote who appears right under our noses and is trying to put a sneak on a duck on a pond.
We find our way to Slough Creek and up the dirt road where we again watch wildlife on and around the high waters of Slough Creek that has overspread its banks to flood the whole valley floor with hundreds of stream channels and ponds. This is where the first wolves were released into Yellowstone and there continue to be photographers, artists and wildlife watchers who frequent the area with their high powered lenses and Spotting scopes. We find a quiet spot with no one around where we glass the mountain slope beyond and are lucky enough to spot a very large Black Bear traversing the mountain. Over the course of the afternoon from various spots we watch this bear moving northeasterly in its slow methodical march across the mountain. It makes for an interesting afternoon.
Towards evening we make our way out of the park to Cooke City where we have a motel reservation and are up early to once again explore the Lamar River valley. The weather has cleared off and it is a beautiful frosty morning. There is no traffic at all this early and we have the whole road and country to ourselves. It is easy to simply stop in the middle of the road to get pictures. I will never understand why people get up late to find wildlife and never see a thing.

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