Monday, June 7, 2010

June 6, 2010
The further we go the more elk we run into. Small bands with young and the occasional single cow standing her ground watching us as we slowly drive by.
On a return trip from Casper the other day it was fun to watch the many Pronghorn Antelope on the Wyoming prairie with their little ones barely discernable above the sage and grass covered plains as they follow mom. It is that time of year with the young of every species being born and beginning their adventure of what we call life.
Just beyond this cow we jump a Whitetail Doe deer who runs across the muddy road and into the timber. There are very few of these deer around this part of the country and only so in recent years. They are strange animals to me as I have grown up with Mule Deer and they are so different in their behaviors. This one looks like a dog running through the trees never looking back. The Mule Deer would always stop and get aother long last look at you befor bounding away. Much to his demise during hunting season.
A little further along we jump a Pronghorn Antelope Buck. Really surprising to find him this far back in the mountains. It is quite a morning.

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